Focus Areas

Lumis’ investment and value creation strategy is centered on building dominant businesses in niche sub-segments in the cross-section of technology and services.

We invest and build businesses that require deep domain knowledge, intellectual property development, and strong technology leverage. Our aim is to accelerate growth in our chosen areas through an ecosystem of complementary investments, and a formidable network of advisors and professional relationships.

While our team constantly evaluates new investment and growth opportunities, our current portfolio of investments and businesses is spread across the following areas:

Human Capital

Education, training, skill enhancement, testing, recruitment, and all aspects of ‘human capital management’ technologies and services.

Supply Chain and Service Operations Management

Addressing technology and fulfillment needs of Global Service Operations in industrial and discrete manufacturing sectors, spanning the entire value chain from New Product Introduction to End-of-Life.

Operating Technology

Investing in companies that enable IT - OT convergence in large organizations. Companies that manage, analyze, and leverage data to solve complex needs in product and process value chains.

At Lumis, not only do we actively deploy and leverage deep data analytics, robotic process automation, emerging machine learning, and artificial intelligence across its portfolio businesses but also very selectively invest in these companies.