operating edge

The Lumis leadership team has established and successfully operated several technology and services businesses over the last 20 years. We firmly believe our hands-on partnership and participation framework gives us an edge, and this coupled with our ability to drive technology and innovation within our investee firms, truly differentiates our operating style.

We invest a considerable amount of resources to drive growth and create value for our businesses. In addition to deploying growth capital, we also bring operating expertise and a dynamic expert resource ecosystem to every investment. At Lumis, we call it a ‘joint venture’ approach with our partners, founders and management teams.

Technology and Innovation

At Lumis, we engage our partners and ecosystem to deploy technology that improves and transforms the way business is done. We believe technology is central to our businesses and serves as an instrument of growth, efficiency, profitability, and most importantly for leadership.

Growth Engine Development

Our team actively seeks to further develop the businesses we own. Our endeavors include commercial model innovation, new service introduction and positioning, global expansion, and sales teams, alliances, and channel development. We also help establish market presence via thought leaders and a strong network of influencers, advisors, industry bodies, and government organizations.

We believe our experience and leadership in this area substantially changes the growth trajectory of our businesses and allows us to create leading companies, sustainable market positions, and superlative returns for our partners and investors.

Strategic Growth Capital

Lumis supplies its businesses with valuable strategic growth capital throughout their growth journey. We not only provide capital for early stage companies across multiple rounds at minority levels, but also perform buyouts and implement acquisition growth strategies for more established businesses.

We believe in supporting a team of partners and a common growth strategy. Our evergreen structure and patient capital backing enables longer gestation periods that may be required for certain entrepreneurial and transformative initiatives. We not only invest as business needs arise, but also through economic cycles as well as for business model transformations.