Lumis Co-creation Platform: The Operating System to Create Leverage

Lumis capsule – the team, method and network, forms the backbone of the platform’s operating engine.
We act as trusted partners to our businesses as well as our operating partners, and significantly boost their chances of success by working hand in hand with them.

Strong Identity || Trust & Credibility || Deep Operating IP || Proprietary Deal Flow || Talent Magnet

Partner Businesses

Value creating crucible

Poised to Solve Large Complex Problem Potential to Touch 10 Million Lives

Growth Phase Firm, Tech Driven Business Proven Commercial Model

Proprietary deal flow. Highly selective set of companies, known to Lumis/Operating Partners over extended period of time.

Operating Partners

Enablers of scale

Domain & Industry Expert
Proven Business Leader

Operating Co-founder Full-time Dedicated to Specific Partner Business

Seasoned executives, solid combination of sector expertise & general management, turning entrepreneur dream into reality and stepping in along with Lumis on a full time basis.

Long Term Capital

Patient & Permanent

Proprietary Capital - ‘Skin in the Game’

Additional Leverage from Purpose Specific Sources of Capital

Long term commitment fueled by permanent capital. Specific strategic contributions for purpose specific capital.


Partner Businesses : Scalable DNA

Businesses with the potential to create disproportionate impact in their industry segment - driven by the aspiration to disrupt traditional business models.

Possess incredible domain depth with founders/leaders who have an exceptional track record - passionate moonshot thinkers and also phenomenal execution capabilities.

Proven business & commercial model

Tenable market position

Addressing specific whitespace in a large market

High calibre of founder & top management

Value at scale achievable within 3/4 years


Operating Partner: Co-founder of the Business

Industry and business experts who possess the energy and desire to be part of nimble businesses … ‘a co-founder coming late.’
Willing to commit full-time and pour all energies and focus on one opportunity along with their own capital – real skin in the game‘proxy to being an Entrepreneur’.

Extension of Lumis in ‘the partnership’ with the business ... ‘enabler & spring-board in one’.

Entrepreneurship zeal and “hunger for more“

Senior leader with deep domain expertise

Strong network

Domain depth to spot potential investee businesses

Ability to execute critical operating interventions


CAPITAL: Long-term & Permanent

Permanent Capital Vehicle that acts as a long-term source of capital.
Our long-term nature gives us the ability to invest and hold on to businesses based on their true needs and business cycles.

Long-term/permanent capital

Equity ownership as shareholders

Availability of best-in-class, purpose specific capital

Ability to hold through business cycles

Maximizing returns and realizing asset’s highest value

Co-creation pushes us to be bold, to change the norms, and invest our emotions and passion into the mix.