Sandeep Sinha

Managing Partner and Co-Founder,

Sandeep Sinha is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Lumis.

Sandeep is an operator-investor, with a clear focus on Build-Buy-Invest approach to deliver market leading returns along with building purposeful businesses.

Sandeep is committed to the world of education and work, backing innovative business models disrupting the world of education and learning; work and livelihood; inner wellness and overall development of human potential to live a fulfilled life.

At Lumis, Sandeep has set an audacious goal to build Work10M platform, an initiative focused on co-creating 10M work opportunities across India by 2030.

Sandeep is equally passionate about the world of entrepreneurship and has been working on alternate funding models to support entrepreneurs. At Lumis, Sandeep has been leading charge in building debt based solutions to support entrepreneurs allowing them to scale their business with alternate source of capital.

Over the last decade, Sandeep has worked hands-on with some of the most promising Lumis portfolio companies, including – PeopleStrong, Wheebox, Sheroes, Talentedge, Awign and Unilodgers. Sandeep is also on the investment committee of Stride Ventures, a venture debt fund backed by Lumis.

Sandeep has been an integral part of the ‘National Skills Committee’ and Co-Chair of ‘TiE Education SIG’ which is a platform that brings to the forefront discussions on the opportunities in the Education sector, the bottlenecks that entrepreneurs face and solutions and methods to overcome the same.

Prior to Lumis, Sandeep worked as the Senior Director for 3Com Technologies and was a part of the global technology leadership program at General Electric. Sandeep completed his undergraduate studies in Computer Science from the Delhi Institute of Technology followed by Master’s from the London School of Economics.