Lumis envisions solving complex problems of global relevance by joining hands with ambitious founders & industry leaders to co-create businesses.

Our philosophy stems from our vision


Solve Complex Problem

Solve complex problems of global relevance that are fragmented and underserved in segments of our strength


India As a Crucible

Business models & scaling needs frequent titration in frugal ways; Leverage India as a data-rich, tier-rich, market-rich crucible


Go Global Expanding From The Lumis Core

Harnessing our ecosystem, global approach & flexible structuring strategy

We want to work with businesses built on the foundation of innovative technologies, strong operations, and in segments of industry where they can be scaled exponentially to touch 10 million lives.

Innovative Technologies

Strong Operations

Exponential Scale

Touch 10 million lives

Creating wealth and value become one and the same when you pick the right problem to solve. Looking ahead, we want to continue to solve globally relevant problems across domains.


It’s not about a great thesis..
It’s as much or more about a hands-on ability to translate potential
into predictable, scalable businesses