Kshitij Kuthiala

Kshitij is a Analyst at Lumis where he is responsible for analyzing Industry Segments and Companies for Investment - Understanding the Industry, trends, key-players, drivers of growth, risks, challenges and presenting these with insights, analyzing Business Plans of Investee Companies and proposed Investee Companies & Working with Lumis Team members in management of existing portfolio companies. He works primarily on the Human Capital Portfolio.
He previously worked YourNest Venture Capital, an early stage venture capital fund that invests in the new connected economy represented by the Internet of Things, Electronic System Design, Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Robotics, Enterprise Software and the Mobile Internet. During his stint there, he saw more than 2000+ deals across various sectors.
Kshitij completed his Honors in Economics from Hindu College, Delhi Universtiy and is currently a CFA level 3 candidate.
He is also fond of boxing and football and is an executive member for a Dogs Adoption NGO – Paws For a Cause.