Victor Martinez - Angles

Victor, Executive Partner at Lumis, joined the firm in 2008 and leads our Corporate Development and Mergers and Acquisitions efforts. He has had 18 years of global experience in complex transactions based out of our US offices.
He brings tremendous experience to Lumis’ portfolio companies; from developing strategic direction, value building towards exits, global operations, outsourcing contracts, and the perspective of having lead numerous transactions both as a strategic buyer and a seller, partnerships, joint ventures, debt and equity financing.
In his last assignment as Senior Vice President for Genpact (NYSE:G), he was responsible for the company’s Corporate Development activities for 3 years. Prior to that, during his 11 year tenure with GE, Victor lead many acquisition and divestiture transactions the company entered into, as part of the GE Energy business and the GE Corporate Headquarters’ teams.
Victor is a graduate from the Escola Universitaria de Negocis de Catalunya in Spain and the GE Financial Management Program.